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What is Spiritual Growth?


For a lot of people, life seems to be a series of coincidences and repetitions, daily, weekly, monthly, annually, and even a lifetime struggle to make sense of situations and circumstances we find ourselves. For a lot of people, too, life seems to be a bitter dismay because our answers are neither explainable or tangible to an understandable degree. The question begs - how can this be even possible? Can anything under the sun be ever known?


Happily, it is not about the answers to your queries. It is about an entirely different animal - knowing yourself. See, if you know and understand yourself, then you will right way have control on what will happen in your surroundings. And this will turn a rippling effect on every other bigger aspects of life. Bigger in quotes since from the standpoint of reality, there is nothing larger than you. well, at least until you let it to be. Know about spiritual growth resources here!


What I am trying to say is that everything would being and end with you - your spirit, your mind, and your body are all under your control as a person, a human being. As you are a human being, you can certainly make life happen in accordance to your daily thoughts, actions and feelings. Keep in mind that no human religion, political, or affiliation is aforementioned. Learn more about life coach at this website https://www.britannica.com/science/cognitive-psychology.


So what is spirituality? I know that this is some really perilous territory we are discovering around, what with the countless of personal dogmas and ideas on what this is, how to live life to the fullest, and its relationship to you and me in the bigger scheme of things. On the other hand, I will not hesitate to begin by saying "life is certain what you make it to be." I am not in any way to claim that life events have an effect in humanity are self-constructed, but then again, in the same measures, I will be a foot not to reach an agreement that our reactions to these events are certainly self-engineered. Why else will two people face similar event and react in a different manner? Now that is spirituality. Whatever life will bring you is not and will never depend on you. you find yourself in this world and as a human being you are designed to adapt and flourish. But still, that is up to you. you respond or react to life as you see fit, contingent on what is inside you. Here is an interesting definition I came across with spirituality, know yourself is the method of realigning your sense of self with something that you have never thought was inside you.